Black Friday.... WOWZA!

Hello there deal-oriented comic fans!¬†ūü§©

You turned up mightily today ‚ÄĒ¬†it was not only was our best revenue day ever, but also a faster-then-expected sell-through. We're aware some of you are bit frustrated that they didn't get here on time... well, that's what the newsletter is for, in which we did announce the beginning of the sale ahead of time. Not rubbing it in or anything (well, maybe A LITTLE bit), but¬†we did have reasons not to make our deals too public.¬†Still a lot of first time customers, and we're very happy to have you!!¬†¬†

Just that you know, contrary to large book retailers or US comic chains we just don't have a lot of overstock. And some of the books we did sell for less that we got them from. Are we really that selfless? Well, yes of course!!

It's also nice to have them off our shelves and in your hands (or on your shelves). 

For the too-late-comers: we'll check our inventory once more and will list a handful (or two? three?) new books this Friday aka BLACK FRIDAY. It'd be a bit embarrassing to not have any actual Black Friday deals on a Black Friday after all. 

REMINDER: Come back Friday 11am CET for a (smaller) second wave. 

Until then: 




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