Now an official sponsor of Near Mint Condition!

It was announced yesterday during the Live-Q&A show: Walt's Comic Shop is now officially European sponsor of Omar (& Melanie) 's NEAR MINT CONDITION youtube-channel! YAY!! We couldn't be more proud and happy about this collaboration. NMT is the one stop shop for a worldwide community of fans of collected editions. In the coming days and weeks you'll see our advertisment in several of Omar's videos - and those of you who haven't ordered from us yet will also get a special incentive in the form of a voucher. So, head over to youtube and subscribe to Near Mint Condition to be always up to date regarding collected editions. And say hi from Walt's, while you're at it ;)


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  • Hey Minties. Looks like I will be watching NMC on Saturday and Sunday this week.

    Geoffrey Suter

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