Who are you?

We're a mail-order comic-shop based in Berlin, Germany specialized in high end collections of American comic classics and graphic novels. We sell new releases but have also a stock of OOP (out of print) Omnibus and Epic Collections for our clients. 

General formats/lines we stock are: 

DC & Marvel Omnibus Collections

DC Absolute Editions

Marvel Epic Collections

Marvel Complete and Ultimate Collections ("thick TPs")

Marvel Masterworks Editions

... as well as other hardcover and deluxe formats from publishers like Image, Valiant, Dark Horse, Dynamite, IDW, Fantagraphics and more.


How do I order?

Simple: you add products to your cart and pay :)


Where do you ship?

We ship mainly to UK & EU, non-EU is also mostly no problem, and in theory also worldwide. Though sometimes, like during a worldwide pandemic, this might prove a bit difficult. Just get in touch, and we'll find a solution. 


What are your shipping fees?

We have a fixed flat fee of 4,90€ for Germany and 9,90€ for UK & EU, no matter how many books you order. The only exception are supersized books like Artists Editions, Marvel Kind Size HCs and such. For those and Non-EU destinations, please ask for a shipping estimate before placing an order. 


Packaging and Returns?

We take packaging VERY seriously. For heavier books likes Omnis we use bubblewrap and double boxing system to be absolutely sure the book arrives in the same condition it has left our warehouse. We also offer a 30-days-return  guarantee for any item bought from Walt's — as long as it is returned in the exact same condition (for example: a sealed book can't be returned unsealed) and the buyer pays the retour shipping fees. 


Can I pre-order books through Walt's?

Very soon we'll offer pre-orders from Diamond for premium collections. You won't miss out on another omnibus variant! No single issue pre-orders planned for now.