Black Cat By Jed Mackay Omnibus HC (DM Only) *PRE-ORDER*

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On Sale: 05/30/2023

Comic Script by:  Jed MacKay, Nao Fuji Illustrated by:  Travel Foreman, Marvel Various Cover Design or Artwork by: Inhyuk Lee 9781302952020 Hardcover FOC: 12/19/2022|On Sale 05/30/2023 Catalog: November 2022 792 pages|6 per carton 20 Oz|Rated T+ Marvel | Marvel Universe Sales Rights: World Pop Culture > Geek/Nerd > Superheroes & Supervillains Manga & Graphic Novels > Graphic Novels > Crime & Mystery Superheroes & Supervillains HARDCOVER $100.00 USD

Jed MacKay's beloved Black Cat run, collected in its very own omnibus!
The Black Cat is back and better than ever! Felicia Hardy has a taste for the finer things in life and certain skills that help her…procure them. But now Felicia’s on the run from the New York Thieves’ Guild and their boss, Odessa Drake! Prepare for high-octane heists, thrilling twists and climactic chases across the Marvel Universe! Breaking into Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum? Done. Crossing Wolverine’s path in Madripoor? Check. Stealing Tony Stark’s armor? Easy. Proposing marriage to Spider-Man? Wait, what?! Plus: The symbiote invasion of the King in Black! The Infinity Stones are the ultimate score! And the Iron Cat takes flight!

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