Captain Marvel: Genis-Vell By Peter David Omnibus HC [DM ONLY] *PRE-ORDER*

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Comic Script by:  Peter David, Fabian Nicieza Illustrated by:  ChrisCross, Marvel Various Cover Design or Artwork by: Alex Ross 9781302951665
|Hardcover FOC: 12/19/2022|On Sale 06/06/2023 Catalog: November 2022 1400 pages|2 per carton 20 Oz|Rated T+ Marvel | Marvel Universe Sales Rights: World Pop Culture > Geek/Nerd > Superheroes & Supervillains Manga & Graphic Novels > Graphic Novels > Fantasy, Sci-fi, & Dystopian Superheroes & Supervillains HARDCOVER $150.00 USD

The complete cosmic saga of Genis-Vell, son of Mar-Vell, as he carries on the mantle of Captain Marvel!
O-wha-tagoo-siam! Genis-Vell, son of the legendary Kree warrior Mar-Vell, takes on his father’s former mantle of Captain Marvel — and everybody’s favorite super hero sidekick, Rick Jones, finds himself along for the wildest of rides! Genis has the gift of Cosmic Awareness — a oneness with the universe that allows him to know what will happen, what may happen, and what should happen to every living thing in the universe. You might think such knowledge would make a person go mad….and you might be right! Can Rick keep him grounded, or will their unique merger drive Genis crazy even faster? Featuring the Hulk, Drax the Destroyer, Thanos, Spider-Man 2099 and the debut of Genis’ sister, Phyla-Vell! Get ready to experience Peter David’s complete, star-spanning saga — as cosmic as it is hilarious!

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