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Written by: George Perez
Illustrated by: George Perez
On Sale 2018-06-12 | 672 pages | 978-1-4012-8039-0
7.60 "W x 11.10 "H x 1.60 "D x

More than four decades after making her debut in All Star Comics #8, the World's Greatest Heroine was comprehensively reimagined in 1986 by legendary comics creator George Pérez--and this new incarnation of DC Comics' fabled Amazon Princess quickly rose to unprecedented levels of popular and critical acclaim.

Working with such talented collaborators as Jill Thompson, Romeo Tanghal, Mindy Newell and Cynthia Martin, Pérez went on to craft Wonder Woman's adventures for years, spinning masterful stories that ranged from heart-stopping battles with the Titans of myth to heartwarming interludes with Diana's trusted network of friends.

Now, for the first time, these treasured tales from the 1980s are available in a comprehensive omnibus edition, featuring some of the most exciting moments of DC's Modern Age!

This third volume of the omnibus series collects Wonder Woman #46-62 and the climactic crossover miniseries War of the Gods that marked the end of Pérez's historic run, as well as bonus stories by Pérez from Wonder Woman #168-169 and #600, special pinup galleries and a bonus section of archival art and information.

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