The Death and Return of Superman Omnibus HC (New Ed. 2022) *PRE-ORDER*

The Death and Return of Superman Omnibus HC (New Ed. 2022) *PRE-ORDER*

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On Sale 05/10/2022


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The unthinkable has happened. The Man of Steel is dead. After sacrificing his life to against an unstoppable global threat, the people of Earth must now accept that the world they live in is a world without Superman. Legendary writers Dan Jurgens (Superman), Karl Kesel (Adventures of Superman), Jerry Ordway (Adventures of Superman), Louise Simonson (Superman: The Man of Steel), and Roger Stern (Action Comics) bring you -- in its entirety -- the epic saga that bubbled to the forefront of popular culture in this oversize omnibus edition! 

A maniacal beast has risen from the Earth, a creature called Doomsday! Only one man can stop Doomsday's rampage -- Superman. But the only way to stop him is by sacrificing his own life! As the planet mourns the man who symbolized the best humanity had to offer, four mysterious beings appear -- all with the powers and abilities of the Man of Steel! When the Earth continues to be threatened by beings of immeasurable power, Metropolis' one true hero will rise and return hope to those who need it most.

This new edition of one of the most memorable DC storylines of all time is back in The Death and Return of Superman Omnibus!

Collecting: Action Comics #684-692, Adventures of Superman #495-505, Superman#74-83, Superman: The Man of Steel #18-26, Justice League of America#69-70, Action Comics Annual #5, Adventures of Superman Annual #5, Green Lantern #46, Legacy of Superman #1, Supergirl and Team Luthor #1, Newstime Magazine, Superman Annual #5, and Superman: The Man of Steel Annual #2, plus material from Action Comics #683, Adventures of Superman #496, Superman #73 and Superman: The Man of Steel #17.

Written by: Dan Jurgens, Karl Kesel, Jerry Ordway, Louise Simonson, Roger Stern, and More

Art by: Dan Jurgens, Brett Breeding, Tom Grummett, Jon Bogdanove, Jackson Guice, and More