The Fable Omnibus 3 (Vol. 5-6) *PRE-ORDER*

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One hitman is feared above all in Japan: the killing machine known as "The Fable." But is he really a tough guy or more of a...weirdo? After a particularly lucrative spree necessitates a break from his life of crime, the Fable faces his hardest assignment ever: living as a normal guy, with a cover story, an apartment, and a pet parrot!It's Way of the Househusband minus the wife and kid, plus one adorable, friendly bird, topped off with a whole lotta blood!Omnibus edition includes Vol. 3-4. Anime coming soon!KILLING IS MY JOB. GRAPHIC DESIGN IS MY PASSION.The boogieman of the Japanese underworld known as "Fable" is taking a year off from killing for hire to lay low in Osaka, and it turns out this "normal life" thing is pretty fun. He’s got a new friend (a parrot), and his neighbor Misaki has gotten him a new job, doodling childish cartoons for an hourly pittance at the small design company where she works. But as Misaki saves up money to open her shop, she gets tangled up in a sex work trap set by a local yakuza member. How far can Fable go to save her--without breaking the vow he made to his boss to avoid deadly force, even when someone totally deserves it?

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