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Hal Jordan is the fearless, ring-wielding Green Lantern. A cocky and brash adventurer who believes himself to be invincible.Barry Allen is the speedster bearing the mantle of the Flash, the Fastest Man Alive. A modest and clean-cut police scientist who respects his own mortality.In spite of their extreme differences, Green Lantern and the Flash were the best of friends. Explore some of their greatest adventures together and witness how the Fastest Man Alive and the Emerald Knight put aside their differences to form an unbreakable bond of friendship.From New York Times best-selling author Mark Waid (Kingdom Come, The Flash) and Tom Peyer (Legion of Super-Heroes, Hourman) with artist Barry Kitson (JLA: Year One, The Titans) comes The Flash/Green Lantern: The Brave & the Bold Deluxe Edition, collecting the complete six-issue series in oversize deluxe hardcover format, with a brand-new introduction by Waid along with the never-before-published original series proposal, the complete issue #2 script and behind-the-scenes artwork.

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