Venomnibus By Cates & Stegman HC Stegman King In Black Cover *PRE-ORDER*

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Heads-up: Marvel has changed the covers for this release! 

FOC: 02/09/2022 (Deadline for low pre-order price has passed, limited quantities still available for pre-order)

IN SHOPS: 9/28/2022

(W) Donny Cates; Marvel Various (A) Ryan Stegman; Marvel Various (CA) Ryan Stegman

Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman's epic reinvention of Venom! An ancient and primordial evil surfaces beneath New York, awakening something deep inside Eddie Brock's symbiote - and nothing will ever be the same for Venom! Cletus Kasady wreaks Absolute Carnage against the former hosts of symbiotes, Eddie faces a battle for survival on the Island of Bones and an attack by the armored Virus sends Venom into a whole different world of terror! But when Knull, god of symbiotes, awakens and heads for Earth, can anyone survive the darkness of the King in Black? Collecting VENOM (2018) #1-35; VENOM ANNUAL (2018) #1; WEB OF VENOM: VE'NAM, CARNAGE BORN and WRAITH; ABSOLUTE CARNAGE #1-5; KING IN BLACK #1-5; and material from FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2019 (SPIDER-MAN/VENOM); FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2020 (SPIDER-MAN/VENOM), INCOMING #1 and CARNAGE: BLACK, WHITE & BLOOD #2.

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