X-Factor Epic Collection Vol 3: Angel of Death TP *OOP*

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(W) Louise Simonson, More (A) More (A/CA) Walter Simonson 
Unexpected evolutions! X-Factor is still coping with the loss of their friend and teammate the Angel when the team is suddenly rocked by a traitor! Cameron Hodge, their former publicist, has a horrific anti-mutant agenda - and an army to back up his plans! Meanwhile, the deadly Apocalypse unveils his fourth Horseman, the razor-winged Death - and he's all too familiar a face! How can the team fight a close friend turned deadly foe? In the wake of Apocalypse's attack, X-Factor gains a new home, the bouncing Beast becomes blue and furry once more and the team goes public! But when Cyclops and Marvel Girl begin a search for Scott's missing son, bizarre mysteries are uncovered - and the flames of an inferno begin to flicker! Collecting X-FACTOR (1986) #21-36 and ANNUAL #3 and POWER PACK (1984) #35.

Rated T
In Shops: Feb 10, 2021
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