Pre-orders are the best way to 100% get collected editions from any publisher distributed by our main suppliers Penguin Random House and Diamond UK. And we offer two attractive programs, each with its own advantages and geared to different needs and products. 

Due to the record dollar exchange rate we have to adjust our prices for pre-orders. You can read more about this in our July newsletter


If your main interest lies with the "Big Books" like Omnibus editions, Absolutes, Box-Sets and all premium editions with a cover price of 60 and more, you should consider our Big Books Pre-Orders. 

We offer pre-order of MARVEL and DC “Big Books” for a discount pre-order rate of 80-85 Eurocents on the Dollar, based on the cover price


You just buy them as they are listed on the site. In the item description you will find both the release date and the FOC pre-order date. FOC means "Final Order Cutoff", it is the last day we can accept orders for that item at the discounted pre-order price. Some (not all!) items will still be available for pre-order after that, but for a higher exchange rate. On our Pre-Orders page we have both an overview of all available pre-orders, but in the tab you can also selectively display only the products of a certain FOC date.


To benefit from the discount Big Books pre-order prices you have to pay with order. We cannot currently offer an alternative (such as payment on release or payment after delivery). But we do offer the possibility to cancel the pre-order at any time. Just write us an email and we’ll cancel your order and refund you — no questions asked. 


You can order as many Omnis as you want and you only pay shipping once. But with this you will have only one delivery! We collect everything and send you the complete order. Of course, you can create multiple orders, grouping the books by publication date. Or you can contact us later and add more (intermediate) deliveries. You pay our standard flat rate for each delivery (5€ Germany / 12€ EU). We ship internationally, so if you don’t find your country listed in the checkout, please contact us and we will send you a shipping quote.


The release date is indicated in the description of each item. Note that publishers can still change the publication date at short notice.

At the moment it looks like the stock will get to us 10-14 days after the official publication date. There may be a further delay of 3-4 days until we send the package to you in case of high packing volume. Please always keep this in mind: as long as you don't hear from us, everything is on track. You will get your book! It may just take a little longer. 

Right now there are a lot of delays in transportation on a global level and a lot of publishing dates for the Big Books have been pushed back. Please look up the current release dates HERE!


If you are a regular customer you qualify for our “Box System”. You can order any print product our main distributors have in-stock or are about to release and we ship it to you once a month. Here’s how it works. 


Under Pre-Orders click on “All Items Currently On Pre-Order”. There you will find links to all our distributors catalogues. You can also use sites like for finding upcoming product. 


First reach out to us and you’ll get your personal Box-Number. If you then want to place a new order by email, please always include your box number in the subject line, like this: BOX #YOURNUMBER. We need quantity, name and the ISBN or Diamond-IDs (you can find them on previewsworld) of each item. You will receive a confirmation mail ("Order confirmed"). If we can't order certain items, or only at a higher price than our standard rate we’ll let you know about it. If we do not hear anything back from you after our confirmation mail, we assume that you want to order the books as described.

Right now the Box system runs parallel to the webshop. It is not possible to see the contents of your box, when you log in into your shop account; though it’s something we have on our to-do list. You’ll have to rely on the email-conversation and our monthly report.


For Box orders we generally charge our standard shop rate of 0,90€ on the cover price. If we list certain  books for less than that at release, you will of course get the cheaper price on them. 


At the end of each month you will receive an email with an oversight of what you have pre-ordered and also what is already stored for you in the box. You check if everything is correct and give us a release, then you’ll get an invoice. After the payment has been made, the box content is being sent to you. 


We kindly ask you to pre-order only what you will really buy from us later on. Unlike an evergreen Omnibus it’s harder to find alternative buyers for a random Volume 4 TP of an indie series.


If there is hardly anything accumulated in a month, we can also skip a shipping month.  Normally, however, we ask to keep the monthly delivery, because it relieves us logistically and also our cash flow. ;)

If you also ordered Omnis through our Big Books Pre-Order Program, we will of course combine the shipping. So if you have already paid for shipping, you will not be charged any additional fees for the Box orders of that particular month. 

If you have further Questions regarding the pre-orders, please get in touch.