Aliens Epic Collection: The Original Years Vol. 2 TP *PRE-ORDER*

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The ALIENS mythos expands in frightening new directions! Billionaire Daniel Grant leads an expedition to the Alien homeworld! But what could possibly be worth a journey into ultimate terror? It's one planet, two Alien queens, millions of hungry monsters and a king's ransom awaiting any survivors! Then, Stanislaw Mayakovsky and his partner, the young thief Gill, design a cybernetic Alien to steal the precious royal jelly of the Alien Queen Mother - but a powerful corporation wants what they have! And when an Alien is detected on board a space station orbiting Earth, all hope of destroying it depends on one man's sinister secret! Plus: The full story of Newt from the Aliens movie and more tales of horror! Collecting ALIENS: GENOCIDE #1-4, ALIENS: HIVE #1-4 and ALIENS: TRIBES, ALIENS: NEWT'S TALE #1-2 - plus material from DARK HORSE INSIDER #14-27, DARK HORSE PRESENTS FIFTH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL and DARK HORSE PRESENTS (1986) #56.

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