Sprecht Ihr auch Deutsch?

Aber klar doch! Bzw ein paar von uns. Aber da unser Team mehrheitlich aus Briten und Amerikanern besteht und auch drei Viertel unserer Kunden aus dem nicht-deutschsprachigen Ausland sind, haben wir uns für Englisch als Kommunikationssprache entschieden. Man kann uns gerne auf Deutsch anmailen, aber eventuell bekommt ihr eine Antwort auf Englisch zurück ;) 

Do you ship to "my country"?

In short, yes. We are based in Berlin, Germany, but we ship internationally, except in very rare cases where none of our freight contract partners offer service.

How much do you charge for shipping to "my country"?

We know that shipping costs are a big turn-off. However, instead of pricing them into our item prices, we prefer to communicate them clearly.

We offer multiple shipping options, starting with a 5€ FLAT fee for Germany, a low fee of 8€ for under 2KG shipments and a general 12€ FLAT fee for the EU, and a 15€ FLAT fee for the UK and Switzerland. FLAT means that no matter how many books you order, the price stays the same. Other international destinations are calculated by weight. During the checkout process and even on our product pages, you can specify your home country and receive a shipping quote. 

All our shipments are insured and trackable. In fact, you will be informed about the whereabouts of your order via email every step of the way. 

Can I also pick-up my order?

Yes! Just select the "Pick-Up" option at checkout. Our opening hours are Tue-Fri 12-19.00 and Sat 12-18.00.

What payment options do you offer?

You can pay with secure cards like Visa, Mastercard or payment services like PayPal and ApplePay. We also offer the good old SEPA Bank Transfer for money transfers within the EU.

What is your packaging like?

We take packaging VERY seriously. For heavier books likes Omnis we use a lot of bubblewrap and very sturdy, double-walled cartons to be absolutely sure the book arrives in the same condition it has left our warehouse. 

How do you handle damages and returns?

We offer a general 30-days-return  guarantee for any item bought from Walt's — as long as it is returned in the exact same condition (for example: a sealed book can't be returned unsealed) and the buyer pays the retour shipping fees. For more details on the return procedure go to our refund policy page. 

If your package and its contents were damaged in transit, please contact us immediately upon receipt of the goods. We can only claim damages at short notice to the shipping company. Complaints that are reported to us later than 5 days after receipt cannot be considered. Production damages can be claimed for the first month after the book was received.  

Is there anything in the fine print that I really need to know?

Ehm, yes! Everything! But since this has significantly increased in the recent past, let me make it clear once again: Creating multiple user accounts under the same name is not allowed. Even less allowed is the use of special, one-time discount codes with different accounts. Disregarding this may result in a general ban from our website.

Read more on our Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and Legal Notice.  

How can I pre-order books?

We offer three "pre-order programs" for our customers:

Omnis and other oversized and high quality hardcovers can be ordered through the "Big Book Pre-Order Program". We offer them on our website as soon as the publishers officially announce the release dates, which is usually 6-8 months before the release. We offer these pre-orders at a discount rate of currently 0.75-0.80 Euro on the dollar price (MSRP). Our "Deal of the month" is usually even lower, at ca 0.65€/$.

Every month we also offer another curated selection of collected editions and graphic novels from the Previews catalog for pre-order through "Previews Pre-Orders". The lead time until release is usually 2-4 months. The current exchange rate for this, depending on the publisher, generally ranges from 0.80 to 0.90 on the dollar price (MSRP). 

More general info on both Pre-Order programs can be found here. 

We now also offer single issue subscriptions and pre-orders through the Manage Comics App (included on our website!). To get more info about the it please visit this page. 

Can I trust you guys?

Yes, you can.

Is there anything else I should have asked?
Yes! You probably wanted to know more about our infamous newsletter, right? With over 3000 subscribers, it's more than just a "here's new product" infodump. Witness the slice-of-life drama of "How do I run a comic store?" and be first in line at our sales with secret advance knowledge of the launch day and time. And coupons. Everyone loves them. And you will get one just for subscribing to the damn thing, so what are you waiting for? 

We are also quite active on Instagram and on TikTok, if you want to keep up with new deliveries and fun pics from the brick&mortar.