We are now using Manage Comics for Single issue subscriptions and pre-orders! 

Manage Comics is a service that allows you to manage your comic subscriptions online. They provide information like cover art, credits, description, page count, and other information. Best of all, the app is integrated with our web store and linked to your account, so you don't have to leave our website!

You can find a step-by-step guide on how to place your orders here. And more FAQ here.

Six Reasons to choose Walt's for your Single Issues subscriptions:

  • Set and forget. If you have your favorite series subscribed, you can sleep better at night. This is scientifically proven!
  • Late Order Window. We are one of the few stores in Europe that offer pre-orders until the Final Order Cutoff (FOC), which is about 1 month before release - at no additional cost!
  • Price transparency. Comics that are pre-ordered in time before FOC are always priced at 1€ per $. So a 3.99$ comic will cost you 3.99€. This is valid for all publishers and for all free-to-order variants.
  • Ratio variants also available for pre-order upon request. You can also request ratio variants. If we think we can make it work for the shop we'll make you an offer and you can decide if you want to go forward with the order.
  • Pay at release. Each time we receive new shipments, we set aside your pre-orders. You can view the items awaiting you in your Manage Comics account. We invoice you monthly, charging only for the items that have been received.
  • One monthly shipment action. We collect your books for one month and at the end of the month we send you an invoice for shipping. Once paid, we ship out your books. (please note the additional remarks below)

To get started you need to register an account with us. Once registered, you log in and access the pre-order app MANAGE COMICS through our website.

In there you can search for any items you want.

If you subscribe to a book/series it will automatically tell us to save you one copy each month as it comes out.
If you want to do a special order for an individual issue, variant or other item just use the special pre order cover/issue feature that usually appears on the right side of the page when you are logged in.

Please note, if you subscribe then your subscription will start with the issue that is next available for FOC (still available for preorder).
Also, if you remove a subscription after FOC cutoff, we will continue to pull it until that issue ships. So, ending your subscription means that you will still receive the issue from the last FOC.

New customers, please make sure to add your shipping address to your account details! Otherwise we can not proceed with your monthly invoices and shipments.

IMPORTANT! Things to keep in mind when using Manage Comics:

  • We are currently only offering Single Issue Pre-Orders through Manage Comics and cannot accept pre-orders/subs for Trades, HCs, Manga etc!
  • For those ordering near the FOC (Final Order Cutoff): We guarantee processing for orders received by 4 pm on Saturday, 1-2 days before the publisher's FOC. However, orders placed after 4 pm on Saturday and on Sunday cannot be guaranteed. Please ensure your preorders are timely. If you're requesting ratio variants or incentives, submit even earlier, as we'll need your prompt approval for our pricing. Stay vigilant with your emails after preordering!
  • To save you and us unnecessary costs, we send out the monthly invoices only for 3 issues or more in your pullbox.
    If you only have one or two issues in your box by the end of the month, we'll wait one more. Should nothing have changed after a total of two months, we will send out the invoice regardless.
    You still wish to have your one or two issues sent? Please send Heiko an e-mail.
  • The monthly wrap-up of your pullboxes usually happens within the first week of the next month.
  • Subscription to B-covers and foil variants: It can occasionally happen that the B-cover is priced higher than the A-cover. This is the case with Marvel titles, for example.
    Marvel foils (as well as certain Dynamite issues) are generally twice as expensive as regular covers (e.g. 4.99 regular -> 10.00 Euro foil), as we as retailers pay more here, even if the same price is shown on the cover (and in MC).
    For these titles you will normally receive a price suggestion from us via the pre-order option, but unfortunately this is not possible via subscription.
    We therefore reserve the right to charge you double the price for these issues. However, we will usually contact you beforehand.

You still have questions? Please please email Heiko, our "Master of Singles", and he'll be happy to help!