We are currently working on a pull box solution for our web-shop but since we want to offer you single issues now, we have created a system to manage your single pulls via Google Sheets in the meantime. This requires you to have a Google account so that we can share the document with you.

If you order an average of 10 or more single issue comic-books per month and want to set up a Pull List with us; and also for any inquiries about single issues in general please contact heiko@waltscomicshop.com.

Here's how it works:

1. Due dates for Re-Orders and Pre-Orders

There are two types of orders: the monthly advance Pre-Orders, which are due at a certain date every month, and Re-Orders, which you can submit at any time.

📅 Monthly Previews Pre-Orders

Pre-orders for products from the monthly PREVIEWS and DC catalogs have to be ordered approx. 2 months in advance. For example: an item SKU (Stock Keeping Unit = unique identifier for the item) starting with OCT22... will be in shops by December ’22 or later.

The monthly cut-off date is always listed online in our 👉🏿 Previews-Pre-Orders page. We will also remind you about it via our monthly Pull List Newsletter (see bullet point 4). If you want to be certain that you will get your books, please make sure that your orders are in before the deadline.

📅 Weekly Re-Orders are due every Monday at Midnight

We can always try to get any current or older releases for you, which you haven’t found on our website. Every week we will check your pull list for new entries and see if they are available from our suppliers. If we have any queries about your entries, we will leave a note in the spreadsheet. Please make sure to check your your sheet til Tuesday at noon in case we still have questions. All Re-Orders, which are entered after the weekly due date can only be considered in the following week.


2. Picking your books

Go to 👉🏿 PREVIEWSworld and pick your desired issues from the catalog. 

Our Pull List is mainly designed for single issues. But you are free to order any TPs, Graphic Novels or Hardcovers, which are not listed in our shop or offered at a discount through the 

👉🏿 Previews Pre-Order Program. Please be aware that the conversion rate of 1$:1€ applies to these items as well. 

If we can’t get a particular book for you, we will add an explanatory note next to your order. 

VERY IMPORTANT: The Pull List System is independent from our shop stock! Everything we have already available at 👉🏿 waltscomicshop.com you can order directly from the web-store. Please be aware: If you order the same item through both systems you will have ordered it twice!


3. Fill in the order sheet

Date of order: The day when you added the items to your list. Please double-click the field and a calendar will open.

Item code: This is the SKU/order number which you can find on the product page at PREVIEWSworld. You may also find it on the "Previews Order Form" that we attach as a PDF to the monthly Singles Newsletter.

Qty/Quantity: The number of issues that you would like to order.

Title: The exact title (stating series, issue number, cover/variant) which you can also find on the product page or the PDF.

Note Customer: An optional space for any notes that you think are important for us or for yourself.

Note Walt's: This is our space for notes regarding the order. Either regarding your order or notes to ourselves.

Order Confirmed: When this field is checked/filled (usually with an x, h or c) it means we have ordered the item from our supplier and are waiting for delivery.

⚠️ Please do not change anything on the item field once it is marked. If you would like to order more issues, just treat it like a new order. Copy & paste it as a new item with a new date and add a Customer Note "additional copies" so we know this is not a repeated order by mistake.

As soon as your order has arrived at Walt's, we'll mark it as picked.

You will then be notified via mail and receive the invoice.

Once it is paid your items will then be ready for shipment (or if you chose, ready for pick-up).

This Pull-List works like a pullbox. We will hold all issues until the end of the month and then ship them alltogether.


4. Pull List Newsletter & Support

A subscription to the Pull List Newsletter is mandatory if you want to have a pull list at Walt’s. Our system is still evolving and we need a way to reach all of you at once. It will be our channel for communicating all the ongoing changes, improvements, monthly cut-off date for pre-orders etc. One, max two emails per month. 👉🏿 SUBSCRIBE TO PULL LIST NEWSLETTER

For all questions about your setting up your Pull List and general inquiries about single issues please contact heiko@waltscomicshop.com.

All your questions about invoicing and shipping will be answered by info@waltscomicshop.com.