1. Each order corresponds to a single shipping action. Only when all items from your pre-order are in-house can it be processed for shipping. To expedite the process, consider creating separate orders with items like releases from a specific month.

2. In one order, group products with release dates within a two-month timeframe. You can now mix pre-orders and in-stock items, provided their releases fall within this window.

3. For new items to be added to a past pre-order (within the last 180 days), email us with the product link and the old order number for reference. Consolidations are accepted within weight limits that ensure safe transportation.

4. Special shipping rules may apply to certain hefty products like Box Sets or Artist Editions. Look for details on the respective product pages.

5. Publisher-adjusted release dates are a possibility. Track the ever-updating release schedule here: Before reaching out about your book's status, check there first.

6. Please note, due to organizational reasons, pre-orders do not qualify for freebies.


Every month we add new Big Books for pre-order, as soon as they are officially announced by the publishers in their catalogues.

In each item's description you will find both the release date and the FOC pre-order date. FOC means "Final Order Cutoff", it is the last day we can accept orders for that item at the discounted pre-order price. Some (not all!) items will still be available for pre-order after that, but for a higher exchange rate.

On our Pre-Orders page we have both an overview of all available pre-orders or you can selectively display the products of one particular FOC date.


To benefit from the discount Big Books pre-order prices all orders have to be placed through the website and you have to pay with order. We cannot currently offer an alternative (such as payment on release or payment after delivery). But we do offer the possibility to cancel the pre-order at any time. Just write us an email and we’ll cancel your order and refund you — no questions asked. 


You can order as many Omnis as you want with one pre-order and will only pay the flat shipping fee. But this will buy you only one shipping action. We collect everything and send you order, when it is complete

If the release dates are spread over multiple months we kindly ask you to create multiple orders and group the books by publication date. Out of experience one shipping action per month is ideal, but we allow to spread the order to max. two months. For example: books to be released on May 5th can be paired with books to be released on July 3th. 

We ship internationally, so if you don’t find your country listed in the checkout, please contact us and we will send you a shipping quote.


The release date is indicated in the description of each item. Note that publishers can still change the publication date at short notice.

At the moment we get the Big Books in weekly deliveries from the United States. Theoretically we should have all books before or on release date, though with the general problems in transportation we cannot guarantee. 

When you see the new books listed on our website, it means your pre-orders are already in fulfilment; or have been stored away in case the order is still incomplete. Pre-orders are always prioritized in fulfilment, so you will always get the book first. 

Please always keep this in mind: as long as you don't hear from us, everything is on track. You will get your book! It may just take a little longer.