We do not currently accept new Omnibox accounts. If you want to be added to the waiting list, please contact michael@waltscomicshop.com. Thanks :)

Introducing the OMNIBOX (beta)

Pre-ordering (Big) Books and pairing them in the most effective way to save shipping costs has been a constant challenge for both: you, the consumer and us, the retailer. Ever since 2021 the release dates have become moving targets… Introducing the “pullbox for Omnis”: It is a safe parking place for your Big Books, that follows the principle “pre-order away and don’t worry about the rest”. You pay a yearly fee (which equals 12 x shipping actions) and get your books shipped out every month. Simple as that. But there's more to it! 

Your benefits at a glance:

* Available for customers from all EU countries (some remote islands and special territories are excluded)
* No 8-week rules anymore when it comes to combining different books
* No more unfinished orders waiting to complete
* Books are always shipped to you the month they are actually released
* Option to easily add any additional purchases from the shop to your monthly shipment action
* Option to book a 15-Minute onboarding session with Walt or Michael to get into the groove
* Yearly fee equals 12 shipping actions with UPS 12 x 12 = 144€ for the EU with UPS* / 60€ with DPD* for Germany
*you can ask for shipping alternative quotes with DHL, DPD or UPS for your country.

The OMNIBOX in action

Once you have an OMNIBOX, you’ll get a special order code, which has to be entered with every OMNIBOX (pre-) order in order to not pay shipping. If they are instocks, they will instantly be added to the box, if they are pre-orders they will be added whenever they arrive at our warehouse.
You might still order something, which you want to be shipped right away, so keep in mind that only orders with the code are free of shipping charges; but also that they will only ship in the fourth week of every month. The cutoff date might slip into the first week of the next month, if a large delivery arrives later.

Steps in setting up the OMNIBOX

1. You need a registered account at waltscomicshop.com. Send an email with your full name and email your account at @ Walt's is registered with to michael@waltscomicshop.com.

2. Once your OMNIBOX has been approved we will calculate all your outstanding shipping actions from previous pre-orders and offset that against the annual contribution. And you will either get an invoice or a voucher for the difference.

3. You get your personalised code, which is to be entered at every OMNIBOX-order. You can now start ordering away!

4. Make an appointment with either Walt or Michael for an onboarding session. We also want to hear your feedback on the OMNIBOX and what can be improved. If you prefer to write us an email, we’ll send you some questions over.

5. With the start of the new month, all your (pre-)orders are being boxed for next 12 months!


Can I skip a month with shipping?
No. The 12 shipping months have to be consecutive and start with the next month after you’ve rented your OMNIBOX.

What if some books get delayed beyond the last free shipping month?
We will wait until all the delayed books you pre-ordered with the OMNIBOX code arrive and ship them together with the last free shipping action. As mentioned above, books with an initial release outside of your OMNIBOX-rental will be charged shipping and shipped individually as soon as they’re out. Or you just prolong your OMNIBOX-rental ;)

If I want to stop using the OMNIBOX after a while, do I get a refund?
No. The yearly fee is non-refundable.

Will the membership be renewed automatically?
No. But we will send you a reminder one month before the expiration date, so that there is no break in your OMNIBOX process.

How many books can I add to the free monthly shipping?
You can add up to 15 KG (ca 4-5 Omnis) incl. packaging. If this weight is exceeded, the last book(s) to arrive will be sent with next month’s shipping action.

I still have questions!
Sure, just shoot us an email info@waltscomicshop.com. You’ll also be able to book a 15-minute onboarding, once you’ve bought your membership.