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Finally: The Savage Dragon Artist Edition!

Because of its exceptional size, this book is available for individual ordering only and cannot be combined with other books, with the exception that you can pair it with up to two other artist editions.

(W/A/CA) Erik Larsen Collecting the comics that launched one of Image Comics’ best-loved characters and longest-running titles, the SAVAGE DRAGON VAULT EDITION reproduces ERIK LARSEN’s** **artwork for 1992’s original SAVAGE DRAGON miniseries, plus additional pages from the expanded DRAGON miniseries that was released in 1996. This oversized (12 x 17) special edition includes archival quality reproductions of the art boards for every image that was used for the SAVAGE DRAGON #1-3, THE DRAGON #1-5, and the first **SAVAGE DRAGON **trade paperback, including all covers and pin-ups! Collects SAVAGE DRAGON #1-3, plus additional material from THE DRAGON #1-5 Retail: $150.00 Initial Due Date: 6/27/2024 FOC Date: 7/29/2024 In-Store Date: 9/4/2024 ISBN: 9781534329591 Product Code: 0624IM270

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