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Hey there comic fans,

Right now we have three shipments of stock from the US and the UK in different stages of "not at the distributor anymore but also not quite clear when it'll be at ours". In total we're talking about more than one ton of books. Some of them regular new stock, a massive restock (mainly DC) and also plenty of big book pre-orders. I won't get into detail about what the problems are exactly, partly because it's not always easy to say and also because you shouldn't worry about it (that's our job). I will just add that from publishers to distributors to the freight forwarders to the customs, everyone seems to be determined to act as ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ as they can right now.

All this is especially frustrating because the pre-holiday season has started and we want to sell great comics to you; and also to ship out books you have already pre-ordered. It also means that when the stock come in, it will pour over us like a huge flood. The good news is (finally!!) that we are totally ready. No matter how many pallets, we'll be working overtime to get everything new up on the site and send out the pre-orders to you.

So until we get the new stock we'll just feature more of the one that we already have, but had forgotten about. Before and after the move there was no time for a long overdue inventory, so we'll finally catching up with that in the coming week. We already included some cool warehouse-finds in the "New In" section, with a lot more to follow.

Bear with us, comic fans!

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