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Sorry it's been so quiet on the blog the last few months. The promotions for our 1-year anniversary produced so many orders, pre-orders, emails, chat requests and even phone calls that there was simply no time for blogging. Status update: we are growing very fast and that is great, but also a bit exhausting ;)

And the self-pity is followed by the call: If you are based in Berlin and looking for a part-time job related to comics, get in touch with us. Especially for the fulfilment, we're looking for two helpers starting around October, each of whom can help with shipping one day a week. In the medium term, this could develop into something more. So if you are interested or know someone who is looking for a part-time job: get in touch!

We will make another official announcement in August, but if you read this, it shows that you have a real passion for the topic and for the shop, and that's EXACTLY the kind of people we are looking for :)

Apart from that, there are unfortunately again difficulties with the delivery from Diamond UK. Explaining the customs mess is too boring and annoying, it's enough to know that it's not our fault (really! but also: blaming others is always a relief) and hopefully we will get 1-2 big shipments in next week.

OK, comic fans, enjoy your Omni on the balcony with a fresh Aperol Spritz and don't forget: The next FOC is always just around the corner!



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