Aliens: The Original Years Omnibus Vol. 2 HC Mendoza DM Variant Cover *OOP*

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Warehouse find! A few copies of the regular cover have turned up!


(W) Ian Edginton (A) Will Simpson (CA) Paul Mendoza

 Explore new worlds of terror! A rogue scientist's genetic experiments create a horrific new alien king! A ragtag unit of Colonial Marines battles a xenomorph infestation on a space station - and the survivors face a pack of bizarre hybrids! An investigator must solve a murder on a deep-space alien-research station! But what dread music will a deranged composer make with an alien's screams? And can a synthetic xenomorph rebel against its sadistic creator? Plus: Flash back to an alien attack in the 1950s! And witness the fate of England as aliens overrun the Earth! Collecting ALIENS: ROGUE #1-4, ALIENS: COLONIAL MARINES #1-10, ALIENS: LABYRINTH #1-4, ALIENS: SALVATION, ALIENS: MUSIC OF THE SPEARS #1-4 and ALIENS: STRONGHOLD #1-4 - plus material from DARK HORSE COMICS #3-5, #11-13 and #15-19; PREVIEWS (1993) #1-12; PREVIEWS (1994) #1; and ALIENS MAGAZINE (1992) #9-20.

Parental Advisory
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