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Written by: Alan Grant
Illustrated by: Norm Breyfogle
On Sale 2021-01-19 | 328 pages | 978-1-77950-749-5
6.63 "W x 10.15 "H x 0.60 "D x |
The streets of Gotham City seem to get darker and more twisted as each night passes, except for the one beacon of hope fighting against the darkness—Batman. With a seemingly never-ending stream of villains stalking the city, can the Dark Knight Detective hold back the madness? 

When Basil Karlo, the first villain to adapt the Clayface monker, and Lady Clay join forces to eliminate Batman once they need the might of all the Clayfaces, forming the Mud Pack. Along with help from his Outsider teammate, Looker, can Batman prevent the creation of the Ultimate Clayface? 
From the mire of clay, a new vigilante emerges from the chaos. Calling himself Anarky, he seeks to overthrow the government to improve the lives of all. But is Anarky a villain or a hero? 
Legendary Batman talents Alan Grant (Batman: Shadow of the Bat), NormBreyfogle (Batman), and Steve Mitchell (Detective Comics) join forces to tell four classic Batman tales in Batman: The Dark Knight Detective Volume 4, collecting Detective Comics #601-611 and Detective Comics Annual #2. 

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