Silver Surfer Epic Collection Vol. 9: Resurrection TP *OOP*

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(W) Ron Marz, Jim Starlin (A) More (A/CA) Ron Lim
To INFINITY CRUSADE -and beyond! The Silver Surfer must aid the Jack of Hearts, survive an encounter with Nebula and face the Kree double threat of Captain Atlas and Doctor Minerva! Meanwhile,it's a battle of Galactus' heralds as Morg and Terrax clash! They both want the same ax - but whose hands will it end up in? Plus: The Sentinel of the Spaceways joins Adam Warlock and the Infinity Watch in Mephisto's clutches in a tale written and drawn by cosmic maestro Jim Starlin! But why is the Surfer joining the Secret Defenders alongside Doctor Strange, Thunderstrike and War Machine? And when the Goddess' Infinity Crusade divides the Marvel Universe, the Surfer must power up - with potentially explosive results! Collecting SILVER SURFER (1987) #76-85 and ANNUAL #6, SILVER SURFER/WARLOCK: RESURRECTION #1-4 and SECRET DEFENDERS #9-10.
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