Skip Beat 3-In-1 Edition TP Vol 15 *DAMAGED*

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CONDITION: We can’t provide any additional info or photos. We do not provide exchanges, refunds, or additional discounts on damaged manga. The damage may be as minimal as a small dent, nick, or scuff.

Kyoko's intense audition finally wins over the producer and secures her the role of Momiji, but there's no time to enjoy her victory as various romantic misunderstandings start making her life more stressful than ever. She tries to focus on being an amazing actress, but the news that Ren is dating a hot older woman is making that a little difficult! As a consummate professional, Kyoko is doing her best to ignore the gossip. But how can she pretend it isn't happening when Ren insists on talking to her about it?!

For teen audiences.

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