Superman: Secret Origin Deluxe Edition HC

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The critically acclaimed team behind the smash hit Doomsday Clock, writer Geoff Johns and artist Gary Frank, redefine the origins of Superman for a new era!He fell from the sky like a shooting star, the last son of a dying planet. Years later, he took to the sky yet again, the sworn protector of the planet he now calls home.But what happened in between? The true story has never been told...until now!Writer Geoff Johns and artist Gary Frank, the superstar creative team behind Shazam!, Batman: Earth One, and Doomsday Clock, reveal the Man of Tomorrow's astonishing past: His childhood, when only his parents, Ma and Pa Kent, and his first love, Lana Lang, knew the secret of the red-and-blue streak soaring through the skies of Smallville...His first fight against injustice, a thousand years into the future, at the side of a Legion of Super-Heroes inspired by a legacy he hadn't even begun to build...His move to Metropolis, where he would befriend Jimmy Olsen and Perry White, fall in love with Lois Lane, and battle a host of deadly foes...And his link to Lex Luthor, the man sworn to destroy him no matter the cost...Undeniably contemporary yet utterly timeless, Superman: Secret Origin is the definitive story of the Man of Steel.Collects Superman: Secret Origin #1-6.

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