Ghost In The Shell Human Algorithm Vol 04

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This brand-new chapter fills in the gaps between The Ghost in the Shell: Human-Error Processor and Man-Machine Interface manga with a tense cyberpunk thriller written by Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex script writer Junichi Fujisaku. Just in time for the release of the new Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 anime on Netflix!Togusa and Tsunagi are racing after a fleeing suspect when a van suddenly slams into the suspect’s car, killing the van driver instantly. As Togusa hooks into the man’s cyberbrain, he sees residual images of a group of children and a masked figure who says, “I am a warrior.” Later, an autopsy yields a shocking revelation: the driver was killed not by the collision, but by a neurotoxin derived from the venom of the African black mamba. Section 9 needs answers, so Togusa and Tsunagi get sent halfway across the world to the Sahel Special Economic Zone. What mysteries await them in the “oasis of the Sahara"?

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