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Sorry people! We already have a very long list and it is highly improbable that we're ever gonna be able to meet that demand.


Original post from 16.2.:

In the last few hours we're getting bombarded with emails regarding the announcement that this long out-of-print book will get a special reprint through the Hero Initiative.

We only got word from Diamond today and have already placed an order. The print run is 7000, which might seem like a lot, but is actually very low for a book in such high demand. Allocations will occur, and until we know what percentage of the orders we'll actually get filled, we can't offer this one for pre-order.

We will create a waiting list, though. Please reach out to michael@waltscomicshop.com if you want to be added to that list. Whenever something is scarce, only some will get the stuff and others won't. It's frustrating, because we don't want to turn anyone down. Still, I think it's fair to disclose that our regulars and most loyal customers will enjoy preferential treatment.

Fingers crossed that we get enough copies in that we can meet everyone's requests!!


ADDENDUM! Here's what Mark Waid has to say on it:


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