New DHL Shipping Option for Germany - Walt's Comic Shop

Many of our deutsche Käufer have asked about a DHL option. While we tried to make it happen through our original flat rate, it didn't cover our costs and was not used enough to warrant for a regular pick-up, resulting in longer delivery times. So this is what we came up with for our DHL-loving customers-

Those are now TWO shipping options for Germany at check-out:

Germany FLAT DHL (Versand erfolgt jeden Freitag) €6.50

Germany FLAT DPD (Versand 2 x i.d. Woche, Dienstag & Freitag) €4.90

If a lot of people use the DHL option, we might add a Tuesday pick-up for DHL later on.

If you have any questions & suggestions, just drop us an email.


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