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I know you can't hear it anymore, but guess what? Stuff's late.

Just got off the phone with the freight forwarder. The stock from PRH is in Frankfurt since mid of last week. But it takes the airport service ca 7 days to take the stuff from the airline to the freighter's depot, from which it can be brought into customs, which *should* be done in 24h, after which it can be shipped to Berlin, if needed with an overnight service.

Which leaves us at: hopefully end of this week, but "you shouldn't promise you customers they have it by then, because we can't really guarantee it either".

What used to take 7-10 days from the US to Germany is now"20 days and longer". Which also means this will be the last delivery before Christmas. The December shipment will not arrive Mid Dec as planned, but beginning of January. And I am very sorry to be the bearer of this lousy news.

There is one silver lining, however: the interior of our brick&mortar is coming along nicely and we will be announcing an opening date (before the end of the year) in the next few days!



PS: Read Patience by Daniel Clowes! It's a heck of a Science-Fiction-Drama!

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Thanks Jeff. Yeah, no one‘s blaming us (yet!), but people are getting impatient. We as well!! Our rep at DHL told us he hasn’t experienced a similar situation in 27 years since he’s at it. Of course it’s less than ideal that this low point in global logistics happens at exactly the same time the first wave of of books from our Big Books Pre-Order Program are supposed to come in 😤 let’s see what next week brings!

Geoffrey Suter

Geoffrey Suter

That’s not such good news. The logistics problems around the world don’t seem to get any better.

People should realise it is not your fault and it is out of your hands. Patience is a virtue as they say. Hope it all gets better soon.


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