Every month we offer certain premium books from the Previews-Catalogue as Website-Preorders. Special pre-order prices apply to these items, depending on publisher, format, etc. The pay-with-order + money-back guarantee applies here as well. 

Five things you should definitely know before placing Pre-Orders with Walt's:

1. One order always equals one shipping action. 

2. Only when the last item from your order has reached us it is completed and can be shipped. If you don't want to wait that long, better create several orders, which contain for example all releases of one month. We kindly ask you to combine in one order only products with publication dates within a time frame of maximum two months. 

3. For the same reason we ask you to not combine Big Book pre-orders with in-stock items OR Previews pre-orders in one order! 

4. The release dates of the Big Books are being constantly updated HERE. Please check there first before writing to us.

5. For organisational reasons pre-orders are not eligible for freebies.

More details can be found in the general Pre-Orders FAQ.


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