Next Saturday we welcome Pepe Larraz at Walt's Brick & Mortar store in Berlin. The signing will start at 5, but feel free to come earlier and have a (free!) drink with us and browse our newly designed front store. 

We’ll allow five signatures per person, free of charge, and quick sketches on the ones who have TPBs, one per person. (It's really difficult to make sketches on the floppies). Signings on more that five items would cost 5 € each. This is not to make money but to disuade people from bringing entire libraries for signing and keeping it manageable.

It’s alright if you bring you own books, but we will also be offering the following ones in the shop at the day of signing to buy:

Hellfire Gala HC Larraz Cover

House of X TP

X-Men by Duggan & Larraz V1

Black Panther #1 Larraz Cover

X-Men #6 Larraz 1:25 Variant

X-Men #10 X-Men #11

X-Men #12


(and maybe more if it arrives on time!)

It’d be cool if you can (also) buy some of our offerings, so that we can cover out costs. And we will also have free FCBD comics, a few special deals and cold beer waiting for you. All in all, we can already say that it's going to be pretty awesome. If you’re a Walt regular and can’t come to the signing and would love to have one or two signed books just shoot us an email and we’ll see what we can do.

Please help us spread the word and tell your comic-loving friends about it! Thank you.