A Stepmother's Marchen Vol. 3

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TRIAL BY FIREThe marchioness Shuri Von Neuschwanstein got the chance to redo the last seven years of her life, and managed to mend her broken relationship with her four stepchildren. Her devotion is tested, however, when the eldest stepchild, Jeremy, commits an act that could be considered treason, and receives a harsh punishment from the Empress. Shuri’s only recourse to save Jeremy is to find a way to declare him the head of the household, effectively removing herself from the Neuschwanstein estate entirely. And to do that, she must mend a number of bridges she’d long ago burned, and visit the family of her late husband’s first wife. Can Shuri convince them to offer their aid, and, if so, will she ever see her stepchildren again?The hit webtoon also known as The Fantasie of a Stepmother!

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