Shameless Art 20th Cent Genre Artist Defined It HC

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All from the original art: Sexy and occasionally nude  ladies from pulp covers, calendars, lurid paperback covers. By famous pin-up artists Fritz Willis, Roy Best, Zoe Mozart, Gil Elvgren (who rarely did nudes, but here are several), Andrew Loomis, Earl Moran (two 2-page spreads and more), Art Sarnoff, Rolf Armstrong (several), George Petty (one nude, four just-about), Earl Bergey, and of course, Vargas. Suggestive pin-ups by Caldwell Higgins, Bill Randal, Ted Withers, Art Frahm. One nude and several iconic Film Fun covers, all by Enoch Bolles. Plus more steamy works by lesser-knowns and unknown creators.

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