Black Panther By Eve L. Ewing: Reign At Dusk Vol. 1 TP

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A new era of Black Panther begins, finding T'Challa lurking in the shadows, fighting for his people in secret! There’s a man in the city of Birnin T’Chaka — a man with no name. He’s a king of nothing. He avenges no one. When the moon rises high over the city, he makes his way through the streets, aiding who he can in the hopes that he can remember who he once was. Or perhaps he wants to forget himself. He’s a myth, a shadow, a dream that makes you shiver in the morning. He’s the Black Panther. Get ready for an exciting new era that sees T’Challa stripped down to his most basic elements, continuing to protect his people from the shadows! Far from the gleaming capital of Birnin Zana, he stalks the streets of a city ruled by organized crime families, fighting for those who feel ignored by Wakanda’s former monarchy!

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