Captain America Epic Collection Vol 9: Dawn's Early Light TP [New Printing]

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Even for Captain America, life has rarely been this eventful! Battling the robotic Dragon Man above New York, considering a run for president and saving Manhattan from fiery destruction at the hands of Batroc and Mister Hyde is all in a day's work. And a trip to England proves to be no vacation either as Cap encounters the vampire Baron Blood and the chilling Ghost of Greymoor Castle! Back home in the States, our hero learns that Hollywood plans to make a Captain America movie - but his greatest foe, the Red Skull, has a very different script in mind! Finally, Cap must prevent Morgan MacNeil Hardy from rewriting the American Dream - but can even Spider-Man help the Sentinel of Liberty stop a cyborg from destroying Washington, DC? Collects CAPTAIN AMERICA (1968) #247-266 and ANNUAL #5.

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