Captain America Epic Collection Vol. 6: The Man Who Sold The United States TP

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Steve Rogers has renounced his role as Captain America! While the Falcon fights on, Rogers wrestles with his place in the world - and becomes Nomad, a man without a country! But in his new identity, can he overcome the power of Madame Hydra and the mystical Serpent Crown? And the Red Skull's return forces our hero to make a choice! Then, Cap co-creator Jack Kirby is back - pulling triple duty as writer, artist and editor! This is Kirby unleashed! In an intricate storyline that slowly built toward America's Bicentennial, Kirby's classic "Madbomb" saga featured an aristocratic conspiracy seeking to seize control of the country! Plus: Experience Kirby's BICENTENNIAL BATTLES, an eighty page masterpiece that encompasses American history from the Revolution through the Old West to both World Wars! Collecting CAPTAIN AMERICA (1968) #180-200 and MARVEL TREASURY SPECIAL: CAPTAIN AMERICA'S BICENTENNTIAL BATTLES.

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