Promethea: The 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition Book Two HC

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Written by: Alan Moore
Illustrated by: J.H. Williams III
On Sale 2019-12-31 | 328 pages | 978-1-4012-9545-5
Alan Moore and J.H. Williams III's multiple Eisner Award-winning masterpiece, Promethea, is collected in oversize, deluxe hardcover format for the first time ever.

Sophie Bangs has just come to grips with her alter ego, the fabled warrior named Promethea, when she decides to join Barbara Shelley on her journey through the Tree of Life. But will leaving Stacia and Grace working together to protect New York prove to be a mistake?

The tour-de-force explanation of magic and mysticism is collected within. From one of the most acclaimed writers in all of comic book history, Alan Moore, and the one-of-a-kind, award-winning artist J.H. Williams III comes Promethea. This second of three Anniversary Deluxe Edition hardcovers collects Promethea #13-23 of the mystical series plus an extensive art gallery.

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