Other Lives HC

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  Advance-solicited •  On sale April 14 •  136 pg, B&W, $6.75" x 10.25", $24.99 US •  MATURE READERS
Written by Peter Bagge •  Art and cover by Peter Bagge
"I can count on one hand the number of comic artists whose work is as strong...maybe on two or three fingers." - Robert Crumb
Meet three certified geeks: a self-loathing journalist who has a seemingly normal girlfriend, a conspiracy theorist who still lives with his mother, and an unemployed gamer who lives in his car. These strangely likable misfits find that dark personal secrets can sometimes be a virtue in OTHER LIVES, a hilarious original graphic novel by award-winning creator Peter Bagge (Hate). The story also explores people's identities, both real and created, and how the two become confused and conflated through the Internet and role-playing games.

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