Marvel Masterworks: Daredevil HC Vol 15 DM Var Ed 307 *OOP*

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One of the most influential runs in not just Marvel history, but all of comics history begins with the arrival of Frank Miller as the creative force behind DAREDEVIL! Miller remade the mythos of the Man Without Fear, first illustrating Roger McKenzie's scripts with art partner Klaus Janson, then taking over as both writer and artist. Miller grinds the grit of New York City's streets into every page, blending super heroics with the dark tone of noir crime thrillers. DD squares off against Doctor Octopus, the Hulk, Gladiator and the psychotic side of Bullseye before Miller introduces a new icon: the assassin Elektra! And her tempestuous relationship with Matt Murdock will form the unforgettable backdrop to DD's war against the Kingpin! Collecting DAREDEVIL (1964) #159-172 and material from BIZARRE ADVENTURES #25.

Rated T

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