Strontium Dog Search And Destroy HC Vol 03

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In 2150 a catastrophic war led to 70% of Britain's population being wiped out. Strontium 90 fallout led to an increase of children being born with strange mutations. Hated by average humans, the mutants faced terrible oppression when politician, Nelson Kreelman, introduced a series of anti-mutant laws enforced by a brutal police force. In 2167 the mutants decided to fight back. Among their ranks was a young boy with named Johnny Alpha with white blank eyes and a mutant power that grants him a series of powers, including the ability to see through many surfaces. Co-written by Alan Grant and John Wagner and featuring the artwork of Carlos Ezquerra, this collection features the explosive origin of Johnny Alpha in "Portrait of a Mutant," a tale widely considered to be the greatest Strontium Dog story of all.

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