Grendel Omnibus Volume 3: Orion's Reign (Second Edition) TP

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No longer content to inhabit one host at a time, the Grendel entity goes viral, in this new phase of Matt Wagner's epic, which spans centuries and culminates in the rise of a new kind of host: the Grendel-Khan! As the Grendel cycle transitions into the far future, artists Tim Sale, John K. Snyder, Jay Geldhof, and Hannibal King join creator Matt Wagner for the most ambitious phase to date. From the broken world of the “Incubation Years” rise parallel figures: the corruption-fighting Orion Assante and a mysterious new Grendel. Each wages his own war against Pope Innocent XLII, in God and the Devil, and the aftermath establishes the most powerful Grendel yet, in Devil’s Reign, with Matt Wagner rewriting the rules of comics storytelling at every turn in this highly charged political drama. With over five hundred pages of visionary writing and breathtaking art, the Grendel Omnibus series takes readers deeper into Wagner’s timeless classic!

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