Head Lopper TP Vol 03 Knights of Venora

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(W/A/CA) Andrew MacLean Norgal and Agatha have come to the city of Venoriah, finding it in utter chaos. The great egg at the center of the walled city has begun to crack. Goblins gather in the field, pike and spear in hand, to welcome their hatching doomsday god. The Sworn Swords of Venoriah line the walls to protect their city from invasion. War is imminent. Looming ever darker still, a nameless, faceless evil hunts our heroes from afar, seeking the Warrior and The Witch. Dark servants within the city have picked up its beckoning call. With perils around every corner, can our heroes find the answers to the questions in their hearts? Or will they be swallowed by the madness of Venoriah?

Collects HEAD LOPPER #9-12

Publisher: Image Writer: Andrew MacLean Artist: Andrew MacLean Cover Artist: Andrew MacLean Page Count: 224 Product Code: JUL190102 UPC: 9781534313330 Color: Color Format: Softcover


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