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Collects Hellstorm: Prince of Lies (1993) #1-11. The Son of Satan is back - and there's hell to pay! Daimon Hellstrom has long struggled with his nature and his evil parentage. He's been an adventurer, a hero and a Defender - even a husband to Patsy "Hellcat" Walker. But that was years ago. Now storm clouds gather as Hellstrom walks among mortal men once more - for his new path is one of death and damnation! Unholy threats are on the rise, and the cynical, embittered Hellstrom is the only one who can combat them - if he can survive the many tricks his father's kingdom has in store! Hellstrom encounters Gabriel the Devil-Hunter, Doctor Strange, the Gargoyle and more as he battles demonic doppelgangers, murderous mortals, faith healers and damned souls. But what will happen when Hellstrom goes to Hell?
Publisher: Marvel Writer: Rafael Nieves Artist: Michael Bair Cover Artist: Derek Yaniger Page Count: 264 Product Code: JUL200696 UPC: 9781302925192 Color: Full Color Format: TP

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