Jim Starlin's BREED Omnibus HC (ZOOP Campaign) *PRE-ORDER*

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In collaboration with the crowdfunding platform Zoop we present you yet another very special pre-order!

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He has taken you to the stars and beyond, now Jim Starlin takes you to Hell. Starlin’s other epic creator-owned series, Breed, is the story of Raymond Stoner, a down-on-his-luck ex-soldier who discovers his true heritage: he is the half-breed spawn a demon father and a human mother. Now Raymond must defend our world from demonic hordes, all while trying not to lose own humanity.

Collected by Monkey Wrench Press for the first time ever in a hardcover, the Breed Omnibus contains all three Breed series, plus a wealth of extras, at more than 550 pages of Jim Starlin goodness!

"This, I believe, was the best work I ever did. I rank the BREED series even over my Thanos and Dreadstar series. It’s, quite simply, my favorite creation." - JIM STARLIN

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