Mandrake The Magician Comp Dailies HC Vol 02 1936-1938 *PRE-ORDER*

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(W) Lee Falk (A) Phil Davis Mandrake the Magician began as a daily strip on June 11, 1934, and whether Lee Falk knew it as a sophomore at the University of Illinois, he was making history. Mandrake the Magician whisked readers to exotic locales and immersed them in extended narratives with memorable villains and a colorful support cast. The strips presented in this series of reprints feature two staple characters in addition to the master magician: Lothar and Princess Narda, ruler of the mythical European kingdom, Cockaigne. This second volume of the series presents six stories: "Return of the Clay Camal," "The Slave Traders of Tygandi," "Mandrake in the Lost World," "In the Cobra's Grip," and "Mandrake in America."

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