Starseeds HC Vol 01

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Light travels through space and brings a prophecy of the awakening of the Crystal Sigil. At the same time, the secret society of Illuminati steals from the four elements to create a new fifth element that has the power to become any object of desire. The ensuing epic battle pits the warrior-like Starseed Children - who are the end result of the evolution of revolution within our system of genetics, philosophy, science, and art - against the Illuminati and their masters, the Annunaki, and the coming of the black darkness. Multimedia artist Charles Glaubitz delivers his first graphic novel, a work of mythical, pictorial, illustrative, and cosmological components, while combining elements of myth, religion, and spirituality with comics, hermetic ideas, alchemy and science. Starseeds fits perfectly in conversation with artists such as Matthew Barney, Trenton Doyle Hancock, Gary Panter, Marcel Dzama, and Ernesto Caivano - in other words, work that is epic, mythological, fantastical, enigmatic, and visually arresting. Printed in a beautiful two-color process.

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