Promethea: The 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition Book Three HC

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Written by: Alan Moore
Illustrated by: J.H. Williams III
On Sale 2020-12-22 | 328 pages | 978-1-77950-226-1
Alan Moore's entrancing fantasy masterpiece concludes in an all-new Deluxe Edition hardcover featuring the spectacular art of J.H. Williams III.

"A Higher Court" presents a fantastical trial in the Immateria, presided over by a strange judge and jury. Their task? To determine who shall be the one true Promethea: Stacia or Sophie. It's a battle of best friends who both happen to be Prometheas. Whichever way the fates turn, one thing is for certain: A door will close in Sophie's life. Everything must go as the landmark series nears its conclusion! This is it, the end of the story, the one that answers all the questions! Alan Moore and J.H. Williams III deliver the most gloriously experimental collection of PROMETHEA yet, in which the reader takes an incredible trip through the magical cosmos with Promethea as a guide. Collects issues #24-32.

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