Satellite Falling TP

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(W) Steve Horton (A) Martin (ICE CREAM MAN!!) Morazzo, Austin Janowsky (A/CA) Stephen Thompson
She's the only human on an alien world... and that's the least of her problems. A sci-fi series filled with grit and wit. She fled a fallen Earth, her lover dead. Now, Lilly makes her way as a cabbie by day and a bounty hunter by night as the sole human on SATELLITE. But when Lilly's past catches up with her, it's going to take her and an unlikely band of weird aliens to set things right. What has she gotten herself into?

•   Perfect for fans of gritty sci-fi stories: Comics like Brian K. Vaughan's Saga and Jonathan Hickman's The Manhattan Projects. Movies like Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell, and Total Recall. Novels like William Gibson's Neuromancer and Richard K. Morgan's Altered Carbon.
In Shops: Jan 10, 2018
SRP: $17.99
Publisher: IDW
Page Count: 128
Color: Color 

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