Secret Wars II TP [New Printing]

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The epic sequel to the groundbreaking Secret Wars crossover! Last time Earth’s heroes encountered the Beyonder, they fought for their lives. This time, they fight for all existence! A year after kidnapping the most powerful beings on Earth and pitting them against one another in a “Secret War” on a distant world, the omnipotent Beyonder comes to Earth to continue his study of humanity. However, a being so powerful and so naïve is a dangerous combination. As the Beyonder’s understanding slowly grows, so too do his own desires — and even the lord of lies, Mephisto, fears what the Beyonder might ultimately decide those desires are! Because if the Beyonder decides he wants to end all that is, even the combined might of the universe’s cosmic powers might not be enough to stop him! COLLECTING: Secret Wars II (1985) 1-9

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