Sigil Omnibus HC [DM Only]

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Experience the epic saga of galactic mercenary Samandahl Rey, fighting to survive amid a brutal war against the Saurians! When Sam suddenly receives the Sigil - a mark burned into his chest that grants him access to vast power, but without any instruction or control - it makes him a weapon…and a target! Sam and his crew must travel the cosmos, battling their enemies and trying to unravel the mystery of the Sigil. But for a mercenary like Sam, allies can quickly become enemies - and vice versa! In this complete collection of the original hit series, a grizzled space soldier grabbing his second chance at glory might become humanity's last hope for survival! Collecting SIGIL (2000) #1-42, CROSSGEN CHRONICLES #4, SAURIANS: UNNATURAL SELECTION #1-2 and material from CROSSGEN CHRONICLES #1.

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